MrBeastGaming MineCraft 1000 zombies vs Mutant Enderman,  You know mrbeast for his viral amazing videos. Have you watched his Minecraft video 1000 zombies vs Mutant Enderman?

if you do not know he also have a gaming channel named MrBeastGaming. Where he make viral amazing gaming videos you have never watched before. Downlaod minecraft if you have not tried yet!

MineCraft zombies vs Mutant Enderman

MrbeastGaming and his friends decided to have a friendly match between them. Where they choose 500 zombies and 500 skeletons and decided to have a battle between them. There was also a condition which you know at the end.

Friendly match to decide which team have more power and who can win easily. MrBeastGaming Decided to go with Mutant gang where his other friends decided to go with Zombies gang.

Fun point was, who ever has the least amount of numbers have to give his couch. Thats funny btw, mostly he talks about giving money. i mean yes usually he does that.

Let me clear, who ever has the least points have to give his couch to random subscriber.

In their first round team who choose mutant unfortunately lost. Next time mrBeastGaming choose bee, the biggest advantage of having bees on you side in mincecraft, if a bees hits any opponent team member, bees power bar start filling.

After a lot of matches while playing minecraft on mrbeastgaming. Chandler lost his couch to a random subscriber.

Best of luck to the random Couch Winer enjoy you sitting, have fun and you should be so proud to be the winner in 13.7 million subscribers yaayyy!!!

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