Is PUBG Going to Ban in Pakistan?  We are hearing this news from everywhere that Pakistan is going to ban pubg. Firstly is there any need to ban PUBG in Pakistan? Secondly why will they ban PUBG if nothing wrong has happened.

This is a Fake news. There is no reason that Pakistan will Ban PUBG. People are creating hype , just to gain views and likes. There is not any other reason, we are saying it again and again. Some other countries , where PUBG is banned, they have different situation, different thoughts and different reasons. If we talk about china, PUBG was not earning any thing , no revenue from their home land. secondly kids under 13 were paying much attention to PUBG.

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Where as in Pakistan, we have whole different story. Only elders have the mobile, generally a simple mobile cost too much that can run PUBG. So no one can afford 3 to 5 mobiles which cost about 1 lac to 1.5 lac Pkr. No violence, no weapon miss use nothing related violence has happened from their first launch. Pakistani kids are enough smart they can manage many things at a time. Playing, studying is a normal thing. So do not worry about the games. But remember every thing has a limit. Do not study for hours and also do not play for hours.

PUBG is Good

We think gaming is a good thing. In this era , we are living right now, Games are doing us so much good. We do not wander on the streets aimlessly , Parents are happy that at least their kids are at home. They do not have to worry about if some thing have happened to them. Gaming make kids smart. They can take decisions on their own.

So what if they ban PUBG. is their any benefit will the government get ? That a big NO. There is nothing government will get after banning. Pakistan is a place where people share every thing but without authenticating it. We will request all of them, do not share fake new at least confirm them before sharing it. Fake news from gaming is nothing, but sometimes it creates a big mess.

Enjoy Your PUBG nothing going to happen.



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