If You Want to Ruin Anything ? Give it to Apple. Nothing to get personal here but! till the death of Bill gates, every thing was great. Back-end technology, design and prices. People were really thinking that they were actually paying for things (which make sense at that time).

iphone 11 - mortal tech
iphone 11 – mortal tech

Let me remind you again we are talking about Design and only design. So lets talk about iPhone 11, let me highlight it so people can see it. The  Technology they are using may be outstanding (what you think other companies are doing) but what they have did to the design? Apple is a trillion dollar company (idk).They did not even buy / found / hire any good designer? i see people every day doing much more better than this just under $5 (check fiver.com).So Apple what did happened to you? Or i think it was only bill gates who was doing good for this company. After him people are only buying things on the name of Bill gates.

Mac pro Stand - Mortal Tech

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Well forget the design. God knows whats gonna come next. About a year ago, in their conference they introduced a new mac and monitor. That thing it self cost $4999 and the only stand (other companies are giving it for ) cost $999. But that made me realize i can now afford apple products, at least a stand.Well Keep spending money , give it to apple. i think Apple got some motivation from Fifa Game.

“The brain does not pay attention to boring things – John Medina”

WELL IPHONE DESIGN IS NOT BORING ITS SHOCKING [wp-svg-icons icon=”tongue” wrap=”i”]

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