Top 5 New Upcoming Games in 2022: 2021 felt like a long year, right guys? Honestly the year long holidays felt like never ending. It took a hit on all of us especially the gaming industry.

A community which was supposed to lift people up through the troubled time wasn’t able to support the local community as intended.

Take a look at the most anticipated game set to release for almost 7 years.

Cyberpunk: it was supposed to be a monumental game with all-time favorite Keanu Reeves as a cyber-conscious supporting the main character all the way.

But that project went down the drain. Time crunches, overtime, toxic behavior towards employees and many other like so.

After a successful project such as Witcher 3; 100+ award winning game, Cyberpunk felt like such a huge disappointment which is the reason why many companies took a step, extended their timelines.

Took every bit of measure to not let their projects fail and whoops! Getting their game stolen. Top 5 games which have extended their release and have took every bit of measure to get things right can be found below.

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5. Shifu

Shifu: A sacred talisman was kept hidden form the students as it hold great power even if it was to revive someone back from the dead.

Yang, a highly motivated martial artist attempts to use the talisman to revive back his wife and daughter on which he is banished from the school of martial arts.

But, the amount of love he had for his family made him took a dark turn. He kills his mentor (Shifu) to achieve the great amount of power but there hid a student witnessing everything and is set on a path to take the revenge of his mentor.

After 8 years of sweat and tears, the boy is finally ready to kill everyone who is involved in the death of his master. But what will he do, will he take revenge just like his predecessor or will he choose a different path?

Will his anger engulf him to do the thing he desires or will the teaching of his Shifu will persuade him to do the right thing?

4. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

22 years after the events that happened at the city of Harran, now a much greater threat has engulfed the whole world in fear, chaos and death.

“The Harran Virus” (THV) which became the reason for the city of Harran’s downfall has now become the reason of destruction of the whole world.

With secret experimenting, a much mutated form of Harran Virus had spread and now became the reason of world ending event called “The Fall”.

Most of the world destroyed, now remains a few cities which are still struggling their best to live and protect of whatever’s left.

Our story starts in the city of Villedor which is already distributed in different settlements, will our protagonist Aiden Caldwell be able to survive and keep his humanity intact in the aftermath of “The Fall”?

3. Batman: Gotham Knights

Following the death of Bruce Wayne aka The Batman, with no one left to protect Gotham it’s time for the league of Bats to hold the responsibility that the mighty detective has left behind.

Robin, Night wing, Batgirl & Red hood now stand together to keep the evil lurking in the streets of Gotham at bay. With a promise to their late mentor, these 4 join forces to keep the city safe, each with their sense of combat and weapons of choice.

But will they ever be able to with the new underworld force emerging to take over the city now that the Dark Knight is gone. Will these 4 ever be able to replace their mentor?

2. Hogwarts Legacy

A time before the events of Voldemort’s rise, there existed a time when Hogwarts was at peace.

Every mag & non-mag were inducted into the school of witchcraft and wizardry to explore the magical world and exciting adventures laid at rest at the ground of Hogwarts.

From Dark Forest to a Chamber that exists out of the eyes of the students, our custom character will feel of what it’s like to be a rebellion character revisiting the arenas which we have only witnessed in cinema.

Hogwarts Legacy will bring back memories and give the opportunity to players to tackle with the problems in their own way, Quidditch world cup to tri-wizard tournament.

it will be a whole another experience that will make feel of what it’s like to live if where ever inducted in Hogwarts.

So, get ready adventurers, Hogwarts awaits!

1. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

On number on our Upcoming Games in 2022 is Justice League is on number one.

Brainiac, returns with another agenda to conquer the world but this time it’s frightening to even listen.

Fudge! That A-hole just got the entire justice league, somehow corrupted every member of the justice league to only wreak havoc on the planet the JL has sought to protect.

Humanity has lost its greatest protectors, But who will protect this planet now but Wait! Wait! There are a bunch of villains still fighting the killer members of the league as they now have no reason to hold back.

Harley Quinn, Dead shot, Captain Boomerang & King Shark will kill the justice league by working together as a suicide force known as Suicide Squad.

They have been given the order to kill the justice league by the greatest hater of JL, Amanda Waller.

With Superman, Wonder woman, Flash and others on a killing spree, now remains a mystery, will the Suicide Squad ever be able to kill the Justice League?

Tell us about our Top 5 New Upcoming Games in 2022 in the comments.


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