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Best Data Recovery Software (also recovers deleted drives)

The best software for data recovery also recovers complete deleted drives. Choose which data you want to recover. you are worried about your precious deleted data or someone deleted it willingly. Here is the best software to recover your data from your laptop or Pc. Best  data recovery softwares i have used the so-called best […]

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Apple Removed China's - Mortal tech

Apple Removed China’s Hong Kong Map App from App Store

Apple Removed China’s Hong Kong HKMap App from the App Store. Apple last week removed an app (HKmap ) that was used to track police movements on the iPhone. Hong Kong protesters were using it to monitor police movements. A Chinese state newspaper criticized it. An American firm pushed into a political issue between the […]

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venom and spider man crossover -Mortal Tech

Venom and Spider Man Crossover happening

Venom and spider man crossover is happening. There are some movies we love to see cross over like Deadpool and X men. Venom director Ruben has confirmed that spider man and Venom crossover will happen soon. Speaking to Fandom he said, “That’s where it’s all going to lead,” Fleischer said. “And that’s the exciting thing, […]

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