China banned PUBG for players who are under 13 years old. There are so many reason for banning these games in china. Firstly they said, PUBG , Fortnite and game likes these are diverting students attention from study. They are spending more time on games then important things they should give time to.

PUBG Revenue From China?

PUBG was not generating any revenue from china. They were not approved because of rules violation and gaming giants decide to take it down from china. They had so many user from china. Game earned 65 million dollars worldwide excluding china.

Now china has banned game , we think other countries are going to do the same with these games. Games are not bad, but giving all your time to them is bad and having no time left for your studies , family and other important things.

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Ban for Under 13 Years Old

As we know China has Banned PUBG ( also known as  player Unknown’s Battle grounds ). Players who are under 13 will need their parents to open game for them. Yes they are forced Digital locker for game so players under 13 could not open it with out permission of their parents.

Tencent Plan B

PUBG is a huge hit and also has great fan following and players unlike other games. Tencent did not only took down the game but they also introduced an alternative. Yes an alternative for PUBG is also introduced and they call it “GAME for PEACE”. PUBG was violating some rules and they were not able to approve generate revenue, game theme it self was killing players, blood, violent. They introduced a new game which is more like peace game no blood shading, waving hands , and more patriotic theme. Tencent using China air bases, their songs and more to make it more patriotic. And they made about 14 million in 72 hours. Will other players shift to this game or they will be good on their PUBG version. Is this game just for people of china?

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