lets enjoy low ping in PUBG Middle East Server. Well playing on higher ping not only increase our chance of dying soon. But it also increase our blood pressure for sure. After a long time, they are now introducing beta version for Middle East Countries.

Now the following countries will enjoy low ping.

Bahrain Cyprus Egypt Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria Turkey United Arab Emirates Yemen

i think not only these countries will enjoy low ping but some other countries would be in benefit too. More to that, playing on higher ping is no fun. landing at the last, Struggling to get the view, Hiding behind the obstacles  and still getting hit by bullets. I mean this is not fun, not fun at all playing online game like PUBG.

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Pubg Mobile Middle east server low ping - Mortal Tech
Pubg Mobile Middle east server low ping in Pakistan – Mortal Tech

Still some countries, from where they have good amount of players – they are suffering from lag. Like Pakistan , Bangladesh, Afghanistan and some other countries are still waiting for a server so they can play in low ping. Although these countries will get low ping with middle east server but not as low these Arabian countries will get.

i hope they get their server soon. let see when they are gonna announce good news for these countries as well.

As we know –

Gaming does not make Gamer violent , Lag does


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