PUBG: Meeting Hackers Every Day Is Common

pubg hackers - mortal tech-mortaltch
pubg hackers - mortal tech

fight between fortnite and PUBG is another things, which one is best but hackers! I am playing pubg from a year now. where as fortnite seems  childish or more futuristic. In conclusion i love PUBG, with  realistic guns, real world locations and game play is based on reality.

But i do not know why, may be they are not so good in handling hackers? every time i play PUBG i encounter hackers. I am not a bad player, but people are not playing fair. That particular thing makes me angry and wants me  to quit PUBG. I do not know about you people, what you think.

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people are using cheats, hacks  and many more things to just win a match. I do not know what people think, but this is just a game not a matter of life and death. There are so many cheats available, aim bot , wall hacking and so many others.

If you visit  PUBG support page where they mentioned how they are handling hackers. They are also restricting some devices. Here is the link to page if you want any info about how  ban players and any other thing.

How are cheaters and hackers being handled?

So the bottom line is we should play a game for the sake of fun, do not take thing so serious.


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