10 Best Fortnite Skins of All Time You Do not Know – These best fortnite skins, Soccer skins are evolving. Today you will know that these skins can help you in competitive advantages, Box fight and more price points.

If you are knew to Fortnite you should check these tips and tricks for better gameplay.

10- Super Hero Skin

On number 10 in best Fortnite skins. Back in season 4 we got a Fortnite skin named, The Super Hero Skin. The original colorways for the skin may steer you away as it resembles to budget avenger costume.

Super Hero Skin 10 Best Fortnite Skins of All Time You Do not Know
Super Hero Skin

But equip the all black version for a stealthy camo effect. Do you know wearing a black costume can give you competitive advantage for 1800 v bucks.

Now you know why these guys are all over the arena. I do not know how these guys can play so good when they can not even see.

9- Crystal

Crystal Fortnite skin becoming more and more popular weighing in for 800 v bucks. All because of one person the world cup champion Bugha.

Crystal fortnite skin - MortalTech
Crystal Skin – MortalTech

You can expect crystal to be extremely universally, especially competitive. I mean when i see a crystal skin, i run for the hills.

Because sand tunneling is finally re enabled. These guys pretty much spawn with gold attack in their hands i see crystal coming in before i know.

8- Dummy

Dummy is one of the common Fortnite skin in all of Fortnite skins did you know that? the dummy skin is a crash test, he has a slim waist hitbox which gives you an actual in-game advantage.

Dummy fortnite skin
Dummy fortnite skin

A ton of pros use it like benji fish. This guy has absolutely no emotion but honestly i am not surprised the man has been in like three fatal car crash he’s straight.

He’s straight up cold now and you can get this entire emotionless package for only 1200 v bucks.

7- Siren Skin

Get Siren fortnite skin at 1200 v bucks. Siren is probably one of the best skins in Fortnite you just have to open youtube.

siren fortnite skin - MortalTech
siren fortnite skin – MortalTech

She’s in about 70 with thumbnails and benji fish has recently began to mainly using her. Sirens are always looking for trouble and will bum rush her build.

My question is how do they play so aggressive . That getup on their face. they have an eye patch, can you even see properly right ?

They are always at the end game watching and waiting. one second they are stalking you the next second your entire build is gone and they have won the match.

6- Diamond Diva

Diamond Diva uniquely available in game. Now diamond divas are all over the place right now.

diamond diva fortnite skin - MortalTech
diamond diva fortnite skin – MortalTech

They are the latest crazy and while they are iced out be warned. Even thought this starter pack skin will mesmerize.

You will see it’s mirage yet it was a diversion in reality. These are definitely the guys that you see spamming edits in the pre-game lobby flexing.

5- Dynamo

If i ask you to pick a fortnite skin most of you have Dynamo in your list right? Dynamo are the lightweight champion of box fights.

Dynamo skin - MortalTech
Dynamo skin – MortalTech

Dynamo ability to bounce back into the ring and take heavy hits no even fretting down too single digit hp.

I immense and even though mongrel has slowed down and the skin is not hyped as it once was. it is still gym sock level slip. Dynamo checks out at  1200 v bucks one of best fortnite skins.

4- Wild cats

You only can get that skin from buying a special switch. Not many people have this skin. Players like face sway and avery been mainly using  this skin.

switch exclusive - MortalTech
switch exclusive – MortalTech

Wild cat has three amazing variants and pretty much better version of aura socking the beanie.

3- focus

Focus is a devastating force to be rocking at 1200 v bucks. these guys looks like they have some kind of aimbot fixed in they faces.

focus skin - MortalTech
focus skin – MortalTech

They are pretty famous because of reid.  Reid basically created peace control and he’s idolized by the community and of course everyone wear this skin to fanboy over him. Even though its face is pretty target for snipers.

2- Jolly Jammer

Jolly Jammer it is not famous because pro player or a streamer wear it. It is famous because it is Christmas Exclusive.

jolly jammer - Mortaltech
jolly jammer – Mortaltech

it was only for 800 v bucks. This skin is just fifty fifty, because half of them who wear it are noobs who just want to wear it.

But other fifty percent are you really do not want to mess with (They scream highly on mics).

1- Spark plug

Number one in Best Fortnite Skins is Spark plug. They are way to cool for school. Their hats are not correctly and they refuse to wear them right way.

SparkPlug - Mortaltech
SparkPlug – Mortaltech

They definitely used to be pitchers in little baseball league before they started to go pro one day.

They are not so popular but you see them in every match probably. They only cost 1200 v bucks

Special Kuna Kudo

Kuna kudo is great skin if you like ninjas. You can get one of the best fortnite skins for 1500 v bucks which is a bit pricey .

These Best Fortnite Skins mostly famous because of pro players who use them. Check the new season 5 – zero point here

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