10 fortnite Mistakes Only Noobs Makes like Me, so guys be ready. i am telling you about Mistakes only fortnite noobs makes and how you can fix them. if and only you are a noob, Yes also noobs like me and lets start with the number 10.

10- The Fastest Rotation Trick

Yes this is one of 10 Fortnite mistakes everyone make. you do not know how to properly rotate but the pro’s know. Well this is one of the best tricks in the fortnite seasons five which can help you.

fastest rotation trick Free Shield Trick 10 fortnite mistakes fortnite noobs , fortnite pro aplayers
Free Shield Trick

Pros know that snowy flopper is not a quick white heel and it is also the best rotation tool in season 5.

Most of us die in zone because we do not have enough speed to cross the zone. That is where they come handy.

Simply build a ramp then pop this snowy flopper. Then immediately build backward ramp down  to gain speed.

Combine this with some peppers and then an impulse grenade can let you go up to 240 meters in 14 seconds. Zone is now feeling sad because that is not a bigger problem for them now!

Now they have some other big problems they have to worry about.

9- Harpoon Shock Wave Combo

You heard the saying, if you give dog a bone. But what if you give harpoon to a fortnite noob, then you are in a real delicacy.

Harpoons are so good to destroy builds. But you know people call it very cheap. But this things can burn the build in just in one shot.

harpoon shock wave combo 10 fortnite mistakes fortnite noobs , fortnite pro players
harpoon shock wave combo

The real and actual beauty of this thing, even sweats will freeze up not because you are afraid of them it is because you just pulled the rug out from beneath them.

Pros know how versatile harpoon guns are and we should not waste our chance with them. Because of this secret trick that will lead us to a guaranteed kill.

So Pros shockwave themselves in the air and then quickly draw the harpoon gun and pull the enemy with them. which leads to a confirm and easy elimination.

8- Fortnite Dualise Trick

Fortnite noobs like me adore the exotic weapons in season five and we end up with no gold because we have spend all of them.

This is another biggest mistake from 10 fortnite mistakes. That may seem not good.

fortnite Dualise trick 10 fortnite mistakes fortnite noobs , fortnite pro players - mortalTech
fortnite Dualise trick

Even when we get our hands on exotics we cannot stop ourselves to spend gold. Usually when we see first person and rush to him to eliminate him and instead we get ourselves eliminated.

Alright every pros know, not every weapon is winner, although fortnite noobs are not totally wrong. There are some weapons which can give you huge advantage in battle.

One of those is dualies weapons, currently have more exotic abilities from all of other weapons. These things have anti-gravity effect that only makes you move faster also but also helps you to avoid damage when you fall from any height.

And as usual fortnite Pro players knows how to combine it with shockwave which gives you some amazing gameplay.

7- Fortnite Sand Tunneling trick

Fortnite noobs are pretty attached to sand tunneling since epic added back in the game. Since then were are using them non-stop.

Fortnite Sand Tunneling trick 10 fortnite mistakes fortnite noobs , fortnite pro players
Fortnite Sand Tunneling trick

It take 3 shot to get us fortnite noobs out of the the ground. So we are going to camp because that is what we do.

But Fortnite Pros will not do that. They will not waste their time on any of this things. because this is one of the major fortnite mistakes we do.

They also do not waste their time spraying under the sand. You have to play tactically.

When you see someone in tunneling use harpoon gun or sniper to get them quickly out of them tunnel. This will not only get them out of the tunnel but it will also give them some damage.

As i said this will also get the most annoying noobs out of the tunnel.

6- Find players Instantly in Fortnite

As a special member of fortnite noobs squad it is very hard for us to find the players in the map. Because what they do is just play outskirts of the map.

Find players instantly in fortnite - MortalTech
Find players instantly in fortnite

To avoid this we came up with the trick. Use a riff fish and stay in the air until someone shoot at us. Then we go down AR spam them and well it works best (not all the times).

Sure it is a good idea to use riff fish but fortnite pro players use riff fish with another fish to make most out of it.

Eat thermal fish before using the riff fish, which will give you huge advantage and complete view of the map. It will easy to spot the enemies and to eliminate them.

5- Double pump trick

We are not playing fortnite as Fortnite noobs from very long. We do not know what is double pump even though we have not heard of it before.

Hardly understand double pump, is that some thing eatable?

Double pump trick 10 fortnite mistakes fortnite noobs , fortnite pro players - MortalTech
Double pump trick

I am talking about Shotgun double pump, it was real believe it or not even newest fortnite noobs have not heard of it. When you bypass the dreaded shotgun delay and it give you some huge damage.

As i told you early fortnite Pro players exactly know which exotic weapon they should use and which will cost maximum damage.

They know how to combine double barrel shotgun with any other shotgun for an easy double pump. So if you get your hands on double barrel you can not miss the opportunity for double pump.

4- The secret Boat Trick

We Fortnite noobs love boats and we can bombard rockets from them. Sometimes we get on the boat the second we put our feet on the island.

The secret Boat trick 10 fortnite mistakes fortnite noobs , fortnite pro players  - MortalTech
The secret Boat trick

Fortnite pro players even know a super trick which can make boat super useable.

What you have to do is just set on a boat and fire a rocket and instantly get out of the boat and get back then fire another rocket instantly.

This trick will help you shoot rickets without the load or complete to launch another rocket.

3- Zero Point Trick

Fortnite noobs next favorite thing is shards at zero point and use them in desert. We made most of them when epic disable sand tunneling.

Secret lama trick 10 fortnite mistakes fortnite noobs , fortnite pro players - MortalTech
zero point trick

We just shot a fire and start zipping around which mostly make us miss our shots and confuse other players.

Well fortnite noobs we are not confusing anybody. A fortnite pro knows these shards can give you way better advantage.

we will instead use the shards to phase into peoples boxes and get easy eliminations.

2- Secret Lama Trick

Sometimes its very hard for us (fortnite noobs) to pick the landing spot. Some of the times we land safe but most of the times it is hot drop.

Secret lama trick 10 fortnite mistakes fortnite noobs , fortnite pro players  - MortalTech
Secret lama trick

Usually that’s get us eliminated easily. So any fortnite pro players knows good material, guns and other are very important to win the game.

So we use this secret llama trick to start our game to get the guaranteed llama.

To do this you have to go to color blind setting and try to turn on nope setting change the values from 0 to 8 and your game looks little different.

The grass changes a little bit, it will help you to spot the purple and pink llama very easily.

1- Free Shield Trick

you know when we try to get a free shield in zero point.  we try to get in the circle and then it slowly shoot us to the ground. Well there are already players on the ground who are waiting to eliminates us.

Free Shield Trick 10 fortnite mistakes fortnite noobs , fortnite proplayers  - MortalTech
Free Shield Trick

Fortnite Pro Players know the trick let them teach you. Hit the lower part of the shield when gliding in. That will shoot you way faster to the ground where you can get collect the chest , loot the chest and eliminate those enemies.

These were the main mistakes which we do. Let me in the comment section if you did these 10 fortnite mistakes! i am waiting for your comments. Check these all time fortnite sweatiest skins.

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