10 Fortnite Tips and Tricks You Must Know , You maybe pro but these are some of fortnite tips and tricks you need to know. Before wasting any time let me tell you about these fortnite tricks.

10- Consumables ( Fortnite tips )

Season 5 has introduced some of the best to hit Fortnite since season 2 has started. Around the area of zero point you can break shards in order to consume them and get the ability to move around a bit fast while flashing.


You already know it but you can also use it for the players who sit in the box. This is completely ruthless against other players.

Hit the enemy wall with couple of time with the handaxe and enter the wall the moment you blink. Do this before they place another wall. If you do it right, you can get into their box for a super duper easy kill. it is almost blustery.

9- Dragon Breath shotgun

It is okay to say Dragon breath shotgun has divided the fortnite community in two ends. On one end it can be very useful when you are trying to destroy someone builds with fire.

Or trying to create some chaos. It mostly depends upon the range from where you fire it.

So there is an actual way to get something useful out of Dragon breath shotgun and this thing involves fire. Because this shotgun set fires to anything you shot it to.

It is great for taking out those builds or getting some extra damage on the players.

There is one thing that all players unnoticed. Head over to a cozy campfire and fire it with shotgun to start the fire.

Its safes your time and match for easy heal. Shotgun also works with gas cans.

8- Bar Currency ( fortnite tips )

Best thing in season 5 is Bar currency and you can get by completing NPC quests or you can complete it picking up from dead players. Trying to looking for annoying bar safes and to get gold from bounties. There are more ways to collect this Currency.

Cash Registers, if you didn’t know you can open these things and they can give you bar currency. I really like this from Fortnite Tips and tricks  while doing this i noticed something more incredible. you can get a lot of Bar currency by opening bar registers.

7- Local NPC ( fortnite tips and tricks )

If i told you to name a NPC boss you would say mandalorian you may be right but there is anther boss in Fortnite. Unfortunately it not mando and a lot of people do not seems to know about him.

Down over the factory by Slurpee swamps where you will find a local NPC. Well he is not interested in having a conversation with you.

Say bye to bounties and quest, asap you enter his zone. Somehow you managed to kill him, you will get a very high reward, a heavy assault rifle and a purple rocket launcher.

In case you do not think it is not a good start then what will it be ? try this before this place becomes populated and popular place to drop.

6-  Shockwave Grenades ( fortnite tips )

There are two tricks with shock wave grenades which are over powered. They are great to get into you enemies box. Other trick is to gain peace control.

First place a cone off of your opponent and throw a shock wave inside of the cone it will fly directly into enemy build.

After walk near to your enemy build and and throw a shock wave directly above to your head and that will give you an easy wall replacement.

5- Tack shotgun

Tack shotgun is on number five in Fortnite tips and tricks. Being in the best guns of the loop pool right now, it is more powerful then we even thought at start.

Epic legendary attacks have actually between 74 to 78 structure damage per shot. That means it will takedown walls very easy.

Next if you have a purple tack and see a enemy building a fresh wall. You just give it one shot and replace it with your wall even though it is made of metal.

I am trying to say that these are so good when you are trying to enter enemies builds.

4- Ultimate Combo fortnite tip

Right now we have the most mobility items in the loop pool since boats and choppers were at it with season five there is a trick which will help you to get most out of all these new mobility items.

Combining these items will get you a little bit more distance that you actually could. Combo zero point shards with bouncers and it will give a great distance.

You can also charge mandalorian sniper rifle melee and you can go even further. Luckily if you have all three items in your inventory, well they are good for a pretty awesome rotation.

3- Infinite Harpoons

As each season of Fortnite is released fishing  has become stronger and stronger for us to get great loot, heal up or help us to fill those fishing books.

In season five it is even great , we have riff fish and the zero point. A lot of people are picking up the fishing road and trying to get advantage from floppers.

when you try to get a fist with harpoon gun and swipe it with the item in you inventory you won’t waste a charge. You can get infinite charge using this trick.

2- Quick Gold Methods

On number two in Fortnite tips and tricks we have quick gold methods. There are so much cool tricks for gold lovers which will get your hands on easy and nice bars.

First trick is very easy just land next to an NPC or bounty board request a bounty the second you land. Probably 50 percent of the lobby gets taken in first 5 seconds.

Just accepting the bounty the second you land will get you some good gold if even someone else eliminate it before you do.  These are good if you want to help up or buy upgrades for your weapons.

1- Bouncer Shockwave

You can combine shockwave grenades and bounce pads for an amazing advantage in season five. What you have to do is place a bounce inside of your box and after that throw a shockwave grenade at the wall. You must be thinking what will it do ?

Low gravity will through you absolutely flying. You may already seen this trick but it is pretty good for season five.

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