Fortnite Mysteries : Fortnite top unsolved mysteries

Some of best Fortnite unsolved mysteries

fortnite mysteries - MortalTech
fortnite mysteries - MortalTech

Fortnite Mysteries : Fortnite top unsolved mysteries, we three years in Fortnite and we have no idea when some of these mysteries going to be solved.

So today we are looking at Fortnite mysteries ( Fortnite unsolved mysteries) and starting with the first mystery the Redacted Bunker.

1-The Redacted Bunker (Fortnite Mysteries)

Which is the greatest mystery of the chapter two period (it is a weird bunker). It was twitched, acknowledge from the day one when it was added. But still no one knows what is inside this bunker. We still have some strong theories.

The Redacted Bunker fortnite
The Redacted Bunker fortnite

A lot of players thought that it was work of  notorious villain from chapter two season one, Chaos Agent. It is possible that he is behind this secret bunker.

Because we can see this behind his loading screen as i said we were super interested in chaos agent. So it can be possible he might be in the bunker.

What can be in the mysterious place like this ? may be one day we will see the door of bunker open up.

But for now this remains the unsolved Fortnite mystery.

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2- Kevin the cube return

The cube surround it self with the mysteries form the day one. But in chapter two there are only few mentions about Kevin the cube .

Kevin the cube return fortnite mysteries
Kevin the cube return fortnite mysteries

Recently Donald Mustard CEO of epic games actually teased the return of Kevin the cube on twitter well this was only the small tease with a bigger picture. Some says Redact Bunker is the same place where Kevin the cube first appeared.

3- The IO Guards Secret Mission ( Fortnite mysteries )

This season the elevator around the map opens up and a team of IO guards appears which are sent to maintain the order and shoot on any one at sight.

the io guards secret mission  fortnite
the io guards secret mission  fortnite

What really stranger about the IO guards, previous versions from other seasons IO guards were walking around and just creating chaos  as possible distracting the inhabitants from discovering loops in the bridges before john jones seals it.

What if there is greatest purpose of IO guards. IO guards only fire are at you when you enter in the specific location and stops firing when you leave that location.

4- The Identities of the Seven

There is a group in Fortnite called seven .Everyone who played Fortnite know about them.

the identities of the Seven
the identities of the Seven fortnite

It starts when a man called visitor appeared on the island and enter the loop while hiding himself in the mediator. Well did not heard from the Visitor till season x. Two of them were revealed the scientist and  the paradigm. They same style armor as visitor.

we do not know what they want what there purpose is.

5- The Mystery of the Device Event (Fortnite mysteries)

From the start people had one question what is powering dooms day device. but it actually seems zero point is actually providing the energy for this but yet it has to be confirmed.

the mystery of the device event
the mystery of the device event

there are a lot of source of energy in Fortnite  we still do not know.




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