Sims 4 Worlds : List of  total Worlds from The Sims, 2 of them which are originally shipped with the game. Willow creek and Oasis Spring. These 2 ( sims 4 worlds ) contains total Number of five neighborhoods with 21 lots.

Worlds Granite Fall and  Selvadorada individually added with the release of Outdoor and Jungle Adventure for outdoor vacation visits.


The Sims 4 worlds : Newcrest is now free and available now. They have three neighborhoods and five slots for lots and a total of 15 lots.Magnolia Promenade , Windenburg are available with the In Get Together Expansion Pack.

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The City Living Expansion Pack ( sims 4 worlds ), introduced new city San Myshuno and it was released in November 2016 with a vampires games pack. Brindleton Bay was added in Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack in November 2017.

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Get Famous Expansion Pack was added for sims 4 in 2018 for Town of Del Sol Valley. Desert town of Strangerville was added February 2019 . In June 2019 Island Living Expansion Pack Introduced  a new world ( The Sime 4 Worlds ) Sulani.

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In September 2019  new world ( The Sims 4 worlds ) of Glimmerbrook was added which can be excessed via Portal.  In November 2019, College town of Britechester was released and in June 2020 industrial World of  Evergreen Harbour was released.

The sims 4 worlds List ( Total Worlds)


the sims Worlds name Game Neighbor
Res- lots
Oasis Springs The Sims 4 6 16
Willow Creek The Sims 4 6 16
Newcrest The Sims 4 3 15
Granite Falls Outdoor Retreat 2 5 rental
Magnolia Promenade Get to Work 1
Windenburg Get Together 4 14
San Myshuno City Living 4 18 total
Forgotten Hollow Vampires 1 5
Brindleton Bay Cats & Dogs 4 11
Selvadorada Jungle Adventure 2 4 rental
Del Sol Valley Get Famous 3 6
StrangerVille StrangerVille 2 9
Sulani Island Living 3 11
Glimmerbrook Realm of Magic 1 5
Britechester Discover University 3 13 total
Evergreen Harbor Eco Lifestyle 3 7
+ 2 apart lots
(4 units)
Batuu Journey to Batuu TBA TBA

The sims 4 Lots List

the sims Worlds name Community
Oasis Springs 5 1
Willow Creek 5 1
Granite Falls 1 1
Magnolia Promenade 4
Windenburg 13 3
San Myshuno 1
Forgotten Hollow
Brindleton Bay 5
Selvadorada 3
Del Sol Valley 5 1
StrangerVille 2 1
Sulani 3
Glimmerbrook 1
Evergreen Harbor 4

Sims Info and More

The sims is life simulation video game, Where you play as real life characters. It was released in 2014. Two The sims 4 Worlds come with Game.

At least it consist of 15 different worlds and many neighborhoods and lots. Redwood Shores, developed the game and Electronic Arts (EA)  published the game.

Currently the sims has its 4th part of Sims Series and 4th part was announced on May 6 2013. The Sims 4 is the first pc game that toped all charts in 2 years.

But this game also have some criticism with the lack of content this game has. Total number of The sims 4 worlds are 15. Eco Lifestyle is the most recent expansion pack from total of 9.



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