GameLoop alternative for Low ping, if you are playing pubg on gameloop you must know, how bad is that. You have proper controls but there is so much going on you can not have a green ping bar. Most of time my ping stays 150 or above.

so if found this alternative where you can have green ping bar. your ping will be 100 or below hundred. its name is smart gaga , i will also suggest memu emulator, you can play other games on themĀ  as well.

In addition to that you can use it as normal android. Use facebook and other apps on memu emulator also on smartgaga.

I have been usiung memu emulator and smartgaga from some time, they are light , they have low ping, also better game play.

Download GameLoop alternative

Click here to download GameLoop AlternativeĀ  , this link if for smartgaga, you can download memu from google just by searching it.

you can download it from there easily. Smartgaga team is down and they have stopped the download. you download smartgaga from the provided link.

Comment if you are having any problem downloading the smartgaga emulator. Or anything about setup. You will need to adjust the right click.


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