Apple Arcade: Apple Launching their Gaming Service; this gaming service will help to put hands on so many High-quality games in the form of subscription. What is the reason that apple is creating thing service? The main reason is paid games are not getting that much attention on App Store as much as free games are. So, giving them a chance to get in the race, Apple developing this service. Funding of $500 million is assigned for the games those will be the part of Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade,Games and mobile consumer

App Annie is a Mobile analytics firm published a report “The State of Games in 2019 and Beyond”. We can compare this title to E3 which is one of the biggest gaming conferences of the year. If we talk about the last year then, Mobile game download were about 33% and 74% consumer.  A person who has a smart phone spends about 10% of his time playing games. Study shows that an average person has about 8 games installed on their phones. Overall this study is still valid, but the mobile game app spending time has reached over 50% for the last two years.

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Apple Arcade and Google Stadia

Interaction with games is growing by the years, and this is the only thing that is growing day by day. People are spending so much for their games even those are competitive titles or just normal. Although there are already Sony and Xbox are in battle grounds, now apple has jumped too (but it is for mobile games right now). Google also has launched their gaming service called stadia. Which works as Streaming service, you do not have to buy CDS now, just purchase it online and enjoy gaming. Although Stadia has much larger platform because android is also googling product.

 Pc and Console Gaming left Behind

Mobile gaming has become so large in terms of consumer spending that it is now 20% larger than all other gaming formats (PC, console, handheld) combined, and spending continues to grow at staggering rates. A new breed of augmented reality (AR) games also has the potential to fire up the market even more.

Mobile Gamers

If you think pc and console games have much fan following, then you are wrong. Mobile gaming is now 20% more larger than these.That is why Apple introducing their Apple Arcade gaming service Combing pc and console market, Mobile gaming is Still 20% ahead. And still growing continuously and rapidly. AR gaming setting things on fire for sure and attracting more user than others. Now Mobile Gamers are also considered as Gamers, Congratulation!







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