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Stranger Things – Netflix is now making its way to Gaming

Stranger Things - Netflix is now making its ways to Gaming.
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Stranger Things – Netflix is now making its way to Gaming. That is a big name when we talk about video streaming, Movies and Seasons. After conquering the streaming world, now making their ways to Gaming. Netflix announced in E3 that they are going to make video games on their top rated seasons. As a result of that, first game that will be release on April 14 (80’s theme hit season Stranger things). On the same day Netflix releasing New seasons of Stranger things.

This game will be available for Ps4, xbox1 and nintendo switch.
Similarly a new horror puzzle RPG game will be released in coming year. Company has partnership with Finnish studio. Studio said that , players will experience events happening on the screen according to their location, that is actually part of the stranger things series.

That is a good thing that netflix has jumped into gaming, now we will enjoy more games, a lot of new titles and more. Apple has also jumped into the gaming world with their new service called Apple Arcade. This is due to the gaming industry, because it  is growing so rapidly.

we are hoping more new games from their original series soon. They is big list of hit seasons from netflix and let see when will the time come for our favorite season.

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