Google drive no longer sync with google photos from 10, July 2019. Google said they are stopping the sync between these two services. Deleting some data from one side will not effect the other service. Existing video and photos on google drive are still on your drive. From now on , stored photos and videos on google drive will count as the storage part.

Check if you sync photos and videos from Google Drive in Google Photos

If it’s turned on, you are syncing photos and videos from My Drive in Google Drive to your Google Photos library. Items will remain synced as long as you don’t turn off the setting.

Note: You may also see a notification in Google Photos that tells you if you are syncing photos and videos.

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What you need to know

  • If you have this turned on, Drive and Photos will no longer sync with each other when these changes take effect.
  • After these changes come into effect, any changes that you make in Drive will only apply to Drive. Any changes that you make in Photos will only apply to Photos.
  • For example, if you upload a photo to Google Drive, it will not upload to Google Photos unless you upload it separately.
  • Any files and folders that you have in Drive will remain.

For more info go to Google support


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