PUBG becomes highest grossing game in the world. Tencent confirms that now PUBG has 400 million download and 50 million active users worldwide. Chinese players are not include in 50 million milestone because PUBG is facing a ban here. But no need to worry , they have a replacement for PUBG in other countries where they have blocked it.

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PUBG MOBILE (playerunknown’s battlegrounds) is an online royal e battle game. Tencent Corporation and Bluehole created the game. Original, it was released for windows by steam. Then they launched mobile version for android and iOS running devices.

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PUBG Mobile has fpp (First Person Perspective) and tpp ( Third Person Perspective ) modes .You can play in any one of them but both have their separate points. It means if you are playing fpp mode your points will be calculated for a different server. Same thing happens for tpp, points will be calculated for a different server. You get points by Killing other players. When you get points your tier goes up. If you got killed earlier than you lose points. Your tier will go down. Game has 4 maps Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi.PUBG has 5 servers North America, Europe, South America, KRJP, and Asia. Recently they added a new server. This server is for Arabic countries, name is Middle east.

You can play solo , duo and squad. You along 99 other unknown players will drop on selected map unarmed. First thing to do when you get on the ground, find guns, suitable equipments , first aid kit but most important kill other players and do not get killed. If you kill all 99 players than you’re going home with Chicken Dinner (WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER !). Although you can not kill all 99 by yourself. But staying alive till last can make you a winner . That is why PUBG Becomes Highest Grossing Game in the World it has addiction.




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