Apple Reduced Homepod Prices by 15%. As we know they never reduces the price of its product.But this time they reduced prices by 15 percent. News priced of Siri enabled smart speaker fell from $349 to $279 in United States and similarly in United kingdom from £319 to £279.

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it is 15% in total that company has  reduced in price. According to some reports apple sold only 6% in the U.S from October to December.

It may be a strategy to compete with its rivals. Amazon Echo and Google Home are respectively low in price. Because they usually do not lower prices of apple products. They have maintained their level of greatness. People still buy their products if they are high in prices. One thing is sure you can relay on apple products. if you are spend hundreds of dollars, do not worry you will get things with same worth.

Apple is also selling refurbish models of Homepod which were remain unsold ( sent for sale with price tag of $299 ) in low price. But that does matter ? No people still buy their products if they are selling refurbished or even old. They are so high in quality but on the same hand they so much expensive.



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