So the wait is over.This much awaited update is finally happening on feb 19.PUBG is pushing their new update which includes PUBG Zombie Mode.We all love to kill zombies and they are including it in pubg so that is plus point.

lets talk about the new update with new features and bug fix.

New Update And Zombie Mode

PUBG is already so addicted we spend a lot of hours to play it.Now its with zombies mode. What else gamers need,Battle royale and PUBG zombie mode.

Players were curious when they first saw zombie in waiting area. Gamers were expecting zombie mode in last update with vikendi map but did not happen that time.They also  included a limited day time and it is not like regular classic match.Players will be able to kill zombies and fight bosses just like Resident Evil 2.

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Sanhok And Arcade Mode

Ernagel has its on place in pubg.But sanhok is lover.Small map with a lot of loot. Everyone know it is best for squads when action is needed.I love to play it my squad.Less time consuming than erangel.Now its in arcade mode.What else we need.

New Update Main Features:

  • zombie mode
  • Moonlight in Vikendi map
  • player spaces
  • Resident evil 2 main menu and music theme
  • Sanhok in arcade mode
  • Fixed bugs for budget devices
  • Result kept for 1 month only




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