Gmail is Tracking our Online Purchasing History. Gmail is also spying on us in a different way. We already know these tech giants are spy on us. Facebook, google, Microsoft and more. But Gmail is tracking our buying history and behavior. Either you purchased it online from store or given your email for conformation. Everybody is using Gmail and Gmail is tracking everybody. There is a page on Gmail called purchases where you can see all notification or emails of things you have purchased. You can even see things you bought 5 years ago.

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Google have said that, only user can see these things and we are protecting user privacy. Google spoke person said, we have managed your purchases, bookmarks and some other stuff on same place. So, user can easily track back to stuff. We do not use things and messages form Gmail to show ads. User can delete this info at any time.

Google also said that, user can completely turn of tracking from their accounts. To do that you need to visit another page. CNBC said, there is no option for that, and you cannot turn off tracking complete for your account.

Gmail is a very important part of everyone in this era. We are getting important mails for our business. Government person are also using Gmail for their daily routine. They are tracking everything from location to buying things. We have our contacts on Gmail. they can track how much we are spending, from penny to millions, credit card numbers. Bottom line there have everything of a person.

Google have confirmed, they are not using any kind of user data to show ads or any other things. But can we see relevant ads and stuff in video ads? Even Facebook said the same. They sold user data, and people are still using Facebook. Gmail is spying on us.


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