Flying helicopters in PUBG Mobile – new update  15 Oct. You guys are excited ? I was curious when i saw those destroyed helicopters and i knew that they are coming in new update. But i have already tried these helicopters in call of duty.

All thought flying helicopters in PUBG will be fun. Some more things are also coming in new update. like fuel tanks, you can use them as trap and blow them. Eagle Desert is also coming in PUBG which is one of the famous guns ever. Storage space required for android is 1.76 GB and for iPhone it is 1.98 GB. well there is no need to download entire game while updating, if you already have installed the game .Then you only have to download 700 MB.

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They said they have update many things. like low battery consumption means you mobile will drain less battery and will give you better performance. Controls are enhanced , no glitching while opening scope. Some new outfits , well and i totally forgot to tell you. A new mod is also coming and it is called PAYLOAD. It will have it own weapon range. some new weapons are also added. I think they are trying to make it looks like Call of duty mobile.

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