Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a new upcoming video game. Originally from star wars series. George Lucas is founder of star wars media franchise. They released their first film in 1977. After that journey of franchise started.Above all if we Combine Only two films, they holds over 9 billion dollars. However Star wars is currently second highest grossing franchise.

Fallen Order Development

Respawn Entertainment developed the game. However Game was announced in E3 2018. After that Company revealed more details in Star Wars event. Game will be available for all platforms including windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. Release date is November 15, 2019 and Electronics Arts will publish the game.

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In 2018, game was revealed as 3rd person adventure game. Aaron Contreras is leading narrative team and he also wrote Mfia 3 story. After that they hired 3 to 4 writers to polish the game story. Studio also collaborated with Lucas film to add new places and characters. Likewise 2nd Development team is led by Stig Asmussen. Stig joined studio  as game director in 2014. Studios are working hard to produce some awesome games. Many other games are coming this year and we are just wasting to review all of them.


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