Never buy/Subscribe zong 4g, worst kind of network. I was using a 4 Mb LAN connection and it was working good. Although it was average connection but that was doing great for me. Merely show some trouble but over all it was good.

Then i downloaded PUBG and my connection was showing highest ping between 150 and 180. I thought this is the time to switch from LAN to 4g. I searched a lot about internet providers. Then some one suggested that you should try Zong 4g. it was the bad time i think, when i acted upon someone’s advice. The day came and i bought zong 4g device with subscription. I was happy and waiting to run games and see what kind of magic this thing is holding.

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My bad, i turned on the game. I was shocked and thought it was a bad decision, very bad decision. Minimum ping was 180 and highest was 960. Firstly i thought it was due to some weather problem but its been 2 months and i am still suffering from that thing. Ping is not consistent and it jumps from 180 to 800 just in 100km/s. Yeah i am telling the truth. They are not actually using 4g, it is some kind of mixture.

This slow internet cost me about 23 thousand Pakistani rupees. Never act on someone’s advice without some solid evidence. Some other internet providers are giving nice service but this Zong thing is so bad. I can not switch to my old network because it already cost me so much. All i can do is, patience.

Game lag so much even some times it disconnects from the server, i wonder what kind of 4g is that. Worst Cheapest service ever. Do not use Zong 4g even if they are giving it for free. This advice is only for gamer. Otherwise i would love to use it for free. bottom line is , Zong has cheapest 4g service – Change my mind.


  1. I agree with this person .i also got random suggestion that use zong its internet is good . But i am highly diappointed that zong has worst ping i have ever seen

  2. u r 100% right. i play dota 2… zong 4g gives me 130 ping and when I play the game it keep going up and down like at once it is 80 ping when then goes to 200 to 1200 plus and keep lagging. I hate Zong 4g shit service.


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