USA Ban TikTok Due to Security Reasons, President Trump says additional steps must be taken to stop and secure the information with ban of Apps in USA.

It is specially about the spread of a Mobile App developed and owned by people of republic of china.

He said, they are threating foreign policy, national security and economy of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. He further said, we must take steps to prevent this to happen.

One single app threating many things in united states. That indicates, Tiktok is Shutting Down in USA.

What is Tiktok?

What is Tiktok? it is china’s video sharing mobile app. ByteDance Ltd. is the parent company.

People downloaded this app in America over 175 Million times. it has 1 billion worldwide downloads. Now you know who owns tiktok?

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This app gathers information from user, like location internet connection, Browsing data, location data, and search history.

USA President said, China use this data to threat the people of America and exclusive information. He Further added this app also used to spying location of Federal employees and contractors and to blackmail them.

Tiktok censors data that china communist party thinks is politically sensitive. Such as Protest in Hong Kong, China’s treatment of Uyghurs and  other minorities.

President said, this app may use for disinformation campaign which may benefit China’s communist party.


These are the real risks. Department of Homeland Security, United States Armed Forces  and Transportation Security Administration have already banned TikTok on government phones in USA.

Government of india also have banned this app. They banned TikTok with 117 other apps as well.

Trump said, we have to take strict actions to stop this app. He further added we must take forceful actions against the owner to protect the national security. These are the reasons why USA will ban TikTok for security reasons.


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