Huawei Maps service ( Map Kit ) for Developers. Huawei is launching their new Map services. But it is not for the usual audience. they are creating this service only for developers. So they can use navigation and map in their apps and they do not have to do it by themselves. They called it ‘Map Kit’.

Huawei told china daily that are getting help from Russian based company Yandex that works with mapping for huawei maps service map kit for developers.What kind of help they are seeking is Data. They need data to help them create maps They will invest heavily in this project otherwise it will be a flop. They said they will introduce augmented reality based maps. Still we do not know what is this but it looks like something google is going to launch.

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Only company that is success in maps is google it self . and they are investing heavily since 2005. Even they have sent their own cars to built the map. Nokia was also good in but maps till they sold it to company for 3 Billion dollars.

Apple is also investing heavily in maps but still they are catching up. Although Huawei was  mentioned in the gray list so they struggled for a little, later on trump issued a license with sooner expiry date. So may be they are now doing things on their own and not depending on others to help them in what they do.


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