Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja Gave out his Number ,spam ? on Twitter is gaming star on twitch (previously but now on mixer). recently gave his number on twitter. Which is a little bit suspicious. is it friendly gesture or he would use them as some part of publicity or advertisement.

well people who are testing him are only getting same replies. just like a chat bot. you can create the same thing, code is available on github.

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before we have never seen any famous people are giving their numbers to their fans. like posting on social media. the point is , its not even his real number. that number will be used only for advertisement and nothing else. should we call it a spam ?

if you take a look on the comment section you will get the answer very clearly. people who are posting screenshots in reply are all the same.

by the way it is a cleaver way to get the attention and advertise your self with less amount of effort all you have to do is send same reply to all the numbers. Basically it not you who is replying its a coded machine which is getting the number and replying with the same message.


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