Final Fantasy VII Remake is an upcoming game recently announced in Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3. Final Fantasy is published and developed by the same company , Square Enix.  Game is divided into multiple parts , and first one is releasing in next year. But this will only available for ps4 , as announced in the e3.

Final Fantasy fans were asking for a remake for the game. But creators were ignoring fans wish. However they listened to their fans this time. A remake for Final fantasy is confirmed last week in E3. Enjoy one of the trailer.

Final Fantasy Remake – E3

Remake version is original part of Final Fantasy VII released in 1997. As every one knows this part was made on Fans request and they did a good job. The main reason why game is divided into parts , they do not want to miss any content from the original game. To achieve this goal all original directors , main character designers returned. New content is also added and they also adjusted the main character to maintain the balance between stylizing the character and keeping it real

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Cloud and Barrett fought against Grand Scorpion when they reach to Shinra Reactor. Size of the Reactor is massive, different from the actual size in the game. RPG at its best, players can control cloud in behind the camera, it’s a third person perspective game.  Character can do all possible things like jumping, opening chest, killing enemies and dodging their attacks.

Although Demo was a bit short all major details are available in the trailers and E3 announcement.

Release Date

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available for Only ps4 on March 2020. You can preorder it from amazon with a discount of 17% on original price of $49.99


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