Fortnite PUBG: Ban on Battle Royale Games Continue

Games are getting ban on nation level

fortnite pubg
fortnite pubg

The government of Iraq has decided to ban the most popular battle royale games, these games include Fortnite and Player unknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG) because of their harmful effect on the population. A report says this ban is placed due to “Negative effect on Health, mentality, culture and security of Iraqi population due to online  battle games”. Especially it is effecting little children and youth.

Former head of Mahdi Army who battled government and USA forces, warned that PUBG is addictive and must be banned.  He said that to government last week. Further he said  “What will you get if you kill 1 or 2 players in game? It is not game of intelligence and not a military game and does not teach the proper way to fight”.

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Reports say, response was extensively bad not because of the game that they are banning-  they cannot play Fortnite and PUBG anymore but the reason is something else. They see the ban as misconception, Iraq is already struggling with violence, political issues and many more. Also Parliament is not doing well. In short they say Iraqi government should concentrate on the real things those matter to country after that they can interfere in mere things

Nepal also banned PUBG and Iraqi ban just happened right after that. But other royale battles are working perfect. Some other countries also thinking to ban online battle games. Police of India in Ahmadabad also imposed a ban but that was lifted.

Let’s wait and watch what will happen to these online games. Will they be continue to ban fortnite and pubg? Excessive use of every thing is bad. Same thing goes for video game if you are playing in day and night it will affect you physically and mentally. Let’s hope these bans effect the youth in good way and let them concentrate on their studies.



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