Why We Should Not Use Simple Passwords

never use common passwords

combination of alphabets numeric keys and special character for an account ,hacked

Using simple and common password, millions of users are putting themselves on risk. Risk of being hacked by cyber criminals. Instead of guessing simple and common password they can pickup your passwords from stolen databases. About thousands of accounts passwords were hacked. They made public by data breaches and hacking campaigns. Still people don’t take it serious. A simple password would get their account at risk of being hacked. On other hand just by using some combination of keys can save them from being hacked.

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Hackers sold these passwords on dark web. UK’s NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY CENTER generated full list of common passwords. Their aim was to spread the awareness of using strong passwords to save sensitive data.

One of the most commonly used password by 7.7 million users is complete numeric keys ‘123456789’ although 23 million users were using ‘12345’ with their other password.

Over 3 million users used top five most commonly used passwords. who’ve fallen for data breaches. ‘qwerty’ appears 3.8m times, ‘password’ appears 3.6m times and ‘111111’ appears 3.1 million times.

From top 50 most used passwords, almost half a million people are victim of that .Passwords made up by simple series of numbers, or the same number repeated six or seven times.

Iloveyou, dragon, monkey are top 20 most used passwords in addition to that while ‘myspace1’ was ranked 25th place. It seems like these passwords were made for early social sites and forgotten accounts.

Like numeric keys simple and common names are also used millions of times. These names include, ‘ashley’, ‘daniel’, and ‘jessica’ and ‘charlie’ ‘michael’ used 300,000 to 400,000  times.

Seems like any hacker get access to their email address, getting into their account would a piece of cake for him without any hustle. Bands name were also include in their most common passwords. Along with band names popular singers and rap singers names were most common used passwords. 50cent, enimem, metallica and slipknot were most commonly used passwords.

With brands and singers name, sports teams name were also made place in top common used passwords. Liverpool won most premier league and people are using Liverpool as their password. chelsea ,arsenal ,manutd and everton are also include in top breached passwords.




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