Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom: Air Humidifier For Babies, this is a cool mist humidifiers with a 2.5L water tank for bedrooms and Large Rooms Baby Nursery. It can also be used in  Office, Indoor Plants. Whole House Quiet Ultrasonic Air Humidifier is adjustable 360 rotation nozzle, auto-shut Off.

Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom: Air Humidifier For Babies

Brand Bontill
Special Feature Auto Shut Off
Color White & Blue
Capacity 2.5 Liters
Operation Mode Ultrasonic

About Air cool mist humidifiers for bedroom

  • In small, medium, and large rooms, ultrasonic cool mist technology swiftly and safely hydrates dry air for up to 30 hours of continuous use.
  • Although this humidifier is perfect for the bedroom, children’s room, infant nurseries, workplace, and indoor plants thanks to its powerful mist production and high and low settings.
  • In order to effectively balance and control the humidity in your house and get relief from congestion, coughing, cold-like symptoms, allergies, dry skin, and sinus problems, there are high and low-speed settings as well as a 360-degree mist nozzle.
  • To keep the humidity level in your room at a healthy level, you may easily operate the humidifier overnight.
  • You may sleep soundly and quietly thanks to the whisper-quiet operation.
    When the water level is low, the humidifier automatically shuts off.

You can purchase this Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom from amazon for $27.99.

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