Mist Humidifier: Portable Humidifier for Bedroom, this is a  USB Personal Desktop Humidifier also used for Baby Bedroom. You can use it while traveling and also can use it in Office and Home.

It is a 500ml Small cool mist humidifier. There are Two Mist Modes and Super Quiet.

Mist Humidifier: Portable Humidifier for Bedroom

Color White
Capacity 0.13 Gallons
Runtime 18 hours
Item Weight 0.01 Ounces

About Portable Humidifier for Bedroom

  • Use of essential oils, perfume, or distilled water can clog the cotton swab and render the humidifier useless. Before turning it on, kindly wait a few minutes for the cotton core to soak.
  • Please feel free to email us if you have any quality issues.
    Small and portable (3.74*5.07inch), it is ideal for vacation, the bedroom, and the workplace since it efficiently moisturizes dry skin and helps you stop skin peeling.
  • There are two modes on this little humidifier. The first time you click the button, it will spray constantly for six hours.
  • When you click the button once again, it will sporadically spray for 12 hours (stopping after 2 seconds).
  • Longer mist is produced by 500ml of huge capacity.
  • Operating the portable USB humidifier is quite simple.
  • To set the mist, you only need to push one button, which controls all other features. Streamline your existence!

You can purchase this Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom from amazon for $17.99.

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