Huawei new Operating System ( name android alternative) is all set to launch. Company decided to make its own operating system after trade issues with USA. Huawei is in USA black list, which means companies are bound to ask permission from government for any kind of trade. That is why Google and Huawei can not do any kind of business without government permission. Although huawei can use their free source products.

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First news came in 2018, that company is working on its own operating system.Rumor says, Huawei new operating system name “HongMeng” with in the country and “Ark OS” will be used outside the country. However it is official now, build process is over and testing phase is started.

In addition to that Company has applied for the trademark in different countries. According to a U.N. report, this list include Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, and Cambodia, and other countries. This trademark includes, Smart phones, computers, TV.

This OS will be able to run Android app and 60% faster than on android. However this is a good news for developers, because there would no need to make extra changes separately for huawei OS in their apps.

In China they will release Os inĀ  2019 and after that it will be available worldwide in 2020.



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