Amazon lays off its game studios employees during E3 week. Company said that we must make things straight and work on more prioritize things. They confirmed it on this Friday of firing their employees.

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Twitch is famous gaming website, where players stream their game play. Amazon owns this famous gaming platform twitch. They launched their game studio in 2012 and they have developed some games including New World, The Grand Tour Game and Crucible. They have studios in different areas like San Diego, orange county, California and in company owns HQ.

Company spoke person said to a well known website that, “Amazon Game Studios is reorganizing some of our teams to allow us to prioritize development some games. Games like New World, Crucible and new unannounced projects. we’re excited to reveal in the future. Align resources to match evolving, long-range priorities. Amazon is deeply committed to games. Continues to invest heavily in Amazon Game Studios, Twitch, Twitch Prime, AWS, our retail businesses and other areas within Amazon.”

However we do not know how much amazon lays off Game Studios Employees. But one of employees said, they have given the time to find any new post in company. But After that they will have compensation in their pay. So in big companies you can face up and downs. In conclusion, Company is heavily investing in gaming field and already working on some projects they will reveal in upcoming years.




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