How to install Google Play services in Huawei nova 8 5G, You guys be wondering this set has powerful specs but do not have Google play services.

Today i will show you how you can install google play Services in Huawei nova 8 5G.

I am giving you the simple way so you do not mess with the installation process. USB and laptops are not required in this process.

Just use your mobile and a simple app to install Google services .

Visit this page if you want a Picture preview of how to install Google pay services in Huawei Nova 8. Process of install Google play services is same.

install Google Play service in Huawei nova 8 5G

  1. Download the app  from link given at the end of this article
  2. Download App and install it in you Huawei Nova 8
  3. Complete the demo or watch it (no problem in that)
  4. It will ask permission to withdraw on other apps, Allow it from the setting
  5. After that it will ask for( Camera setting permission, Mic permissions, Internal storage Allow them all )
  6. After above options next screen will show three options
    1 Install dual apps (you can install clone of each app)
    2 Rooted OS
    Experience the google (select this one)
  7. Select 3rd option (Experience the google) click on it
  8. It will start downloading ANDROID OS ( 163 MB ), it will take 5 to 10 mins. Depends on your internet connection.
  9. After completing the download. it will install OS and other google play store on your mobile.
  10. Click on The App to run your new android, click Google play store and enter your email and password.
  11. Enjoy 

Its a virtual machine. because if you install google play services right in the OS  of huawei nova 8 it will not stay stable and you will be able to use only one google account in you mobile. Most probably it will crash.

So this is the best way to install google play services in your Huawei nova 8.

i hope you like this method in any case you have a question please let me know in the comment section.

You can install play store on Huawei nova 8 using this video.


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