How to Find PREDATOR Boss in Fortnite, Predator update is here Let me tell you how to find predator in Fortnite. if you have not watched its trailer have a look . Watch carefully people mostly miss secrets in trailers

Here is the step one, open the map and search for Stealthy Stronghold (Park). Mark that area and land there. Otherwise you will not be able to find predator.

Find PREDATOR Boss in Fortnite Stealthy Stronghold
Find PREDATOR Boss in Fortnite Stealthy Stronghold

You can get the Predator skin and i will tell you about that soon.

But for now Predator Boss is wandering here in Stealthy Stronghold park. He vanish often same as in movies. He do not use any weapons, just his handheld axe and his stealth mode (Vanish).

Be careful when you land here in the park because all other players are going there as well for the Predator boss.

Do not get your self eliminated, if you land with more players.

So how you will find predator, just wander their do some gun fire and he will find you. If you are lucky enough you will find him soon, Otherwise just wander and eliminate some players and you will find him.

I hope you are lucky enough to  find him and eliminate him. After that you will get a clocking device.

When you use it, your character will start vanishing and other players will not be able to see you.

In case you eliminate him then you will get his skin. Let me know if you Find PREDATOR Boss in Fortnite.

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