10 Secrets Hidden in Fortnite Trailers you Didn’t Get, there are so much Fortnite secrets in trailers we sometimes miss. Today i will tell you 10 Secrets Hidden in Fortnite Trailers you missed. Check out 10 things every Fortnite player Misses.

10- Captain America Easter egg

Fortnite community is pretty mixed with marvel, Marvel crashed the party and got their own Fortnite trailer for the season.

Well marvel trailer was shock for some players and epic teased the entire season a month earlier.

Captain America Easter egg secrets hidden in fortnite trailers - MortalTech
Captain America Easter egg fortnite – MortalTech

On July 4th captain America was put to item shop and got his trailer also. But every one was looking at him and no one noticed the ground.

Well it was a secret tease of Thor arriving in the Fortnite.

9- Seven Easter Egg Fortnite

Chapter 2 Season 1 we saw bush ranger doing some weird spying, at beginning we did not know what is he doing.

But in Season 2 we understand  Bush ranger was a spy for agency in Fortnite Trailer.

Seven Easter EGG secrets hidden in fortnite trailers - MortalTech
Seven Easter EGG – MortalTech

This is the main thing i am talking about, where he moves from the tree. it reveals full of random weird carving. One of these carving shows 7.

Which means, he was searching and gathering information about sevens. We know four of them are still to be revealed.

8- Iron Man reference Fortnite

You know this guy P-1000, if you watched the trailer you could not tell what is all about. But this all was from iron man movie 1.

Iron Man reference - Mortaltech
Iron Man reference – Mortaltech

Getting out of mountain same as first iron man appeared and that hammer shots.

 7- Black hole reference

During the season 9 we watched the volcano destroyed every thing, Pillie and Jonesy run to a bunker. Where they see this all fancy and arcade Games which keep them entertain.

Black hole reference - MortalTech
Black hole reference – MortalTech

They run straight to arcade game. Remember that it is secret mini game which we play during blackhole. Epic planned to show a hint of these games before they even started the next season.

It is not the only one, there is also arcade game on the right corner which is showing air royale. Before it was even released.

6- Flare Gun Fortnite

Remember where Jonesy lost and found on a beach. He saw a buss going by and he try to give them a signal. Yes he used this gun , this flare gun which was released in chapter 2.

Flare Gun - MortalTech
Flare Gun – MortalTech

A whole year before they teased the gun even when no one had any idea.

5- Epic and Apple Enemies

We all know now Apple banned epic from their store, not only apply google banned Fortnite from their store.

Epic and Apple Enemies secrets hidden in fortnite - MortalTech
Epic and Apple Enemies – MortalTech

Epic decided show this in a small in game trailer where they mock Apple with their own commercial in 1984.

Epic used this Epic where Apple is shown as power full evil enemy . They entire this was a parody and no one get that even most of apple users.

4- CrackShot Easter Egg Fortnite

Remember that season 7 trailer, of course you remember. it was very adorable trailer. But must of people do not know, well they included a ton of Easter eggs we did not got.

CrackShot Easter Egg - Mortaltech
CrackShot Easter Egg – Mortaltech

When CrackShot open the door you see this picture of him with burger on beach. That was from season 7.

There was another picture on the wall, classic and very famous picture called American gothic.

This Fortnite trailer was even not a CG trailer it was stop motion trailer which was even better.

CrackShot Easter Egg Dog fortnite trailer - Mortaltech
CrackShot Easter Egg Dog – Mortaltech

This pet was added after 2 whole seasons.

3- Slurp Agent Pack

They came with their own Fortnite trailer first time they arrived. They have a super interesting secret inside of it. We know how they were crated in the facility.

Slurp Agent Pack - MortalTech 
Slurp Agent Pack – MortalTech

But look closely when Slurp agents were created look that man in behind. he is Agent Chaos , him self. it was the last time we saw him.

2- Apocalypse Reference

When the trigger fish came to the island, and get what other do not get. Yes his own Fortnite trailer. it looked basic on first but then there is actually no one noticed.

Apocalypse Reference 10 secrets hidden in fortnite - MortalTech
Apocalypse Reference – MortalTech

The fil Apocalypse has very iconic scene where chapter comes out of water. it is same exactly as the trigger fish comes out of the water.

1- Galactus Season X

Well this is just because it became famous as many of videos started showing on YouTube about secrets hidden in fortnite. That they saw Galactus is Fortnite Trailer.

Galactus Season X secrets hidden in fortnite - MortalTech
Galactus Season X – MortalTech

Where in season X they see Galactus behind of Jonesy. that’s it, it was shown even 5 season before when Galactus appeared.

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