How to Download PUBG Mobile Korean Version in India. Days ago PUBG Mobile including 117 others apps were banned. But you can play Korean PUBG Mobile version.

PUBG Mobile Light was also banned. But they did not banned pubg mobile Korean Version. Because it is not available on Google Play Store.

Can You unban you Pubg Mobile: PUBG Ban in India can you unban pubg

How To Download PUBG Mobile Korean Version

Option 1

This version is only available in Korea. You can not download it just from Google Play Store.

To download Korean pubg Mobile Version. You need Japanese or Korean IP Address.

  1. Download Any Free Vpn.
  2. Install and Run it.
  3. Change you country to Korea.
  4. Go to Play Store and   Download it

Option 2

Click here to Direct link to PUBG Mobile Korean Version. Or you can go to DownZen and Download it.

Benefits of Korean Version PUBG

Why should I get the Korean version

” Better response (less lagging)
The first thing we noticed is a much better response speed (less delay) compared to the standard PUBG, which may be due to the fact that its servers contain fewer players.

Different missions and better loot
This version contains a lot more loot than the standard version, it also has different missions, which makes it even more worth trying.

Can be installed alongside the standard PUBG
Yes, you can have both on the same device without any problems.

Supports English as the UI language
Only English and Korean languages are supported in this version.

You can easily invite and play with your friends
It is true that the standard and the Korean versions do not share the same servers, but you can easily play and invite your friends from the standard version to the Korean version.

UCs are less expensive
The prices of UCs are slightly less in the Korean version. ”

But can not join clan created in standard version.


Never login with the account you use for standard game.  If you did that, you will not be able to login in standard version with that same account again. So be careful when you Download PUBG Mobile Korean in India login in Korean PUBG Mobile Version.


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