Among Us Jester new role added by SSundee, as i told you every day so many among us mods are being created and new roles are being added.

Check this new Role in game, Jester. Download this game if you have not downloaded it yet.

Among us Jester new role

Jester role  is added by SSUNDEE.  This new role, its main goal is to voted out. They can access the cams, They can see where dead bodies are. They can also teleport to dead bodies.

Last ability is very amazing they can vote twice. wow that is seriously amazing.

In this video SSundee playing and explaining how this role works and how you can win with among us jester role.

SSundee eliminated the player and other guy who is playing jester role just teleported to the dead body.

Actually SSunddee eliminated the player so jester can teleport to the scene. When players see him near dead body they are going to vote him as imposter.

Every time they leave SSundee alone somebody dies so this time they voted him. He was ejected and and jester and imposter won.

All though hw was the imposter and i think among us jester role is for good purpose maybe or i didn’t understand the game jk.

Let me know if you liked this mod. Try Among us new mods like troll role.

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