Among Us new Troll Role – Troll Role among us mod, Every day new mods are coming. This tiny game is getting so much attention and people are going crazy for it.

Among us mods are releasing everyday. Gamers and youtubers are testing and playing them. Among us mod new troll role is here and lets have a look.

Among Us new Troll Role ( troll mod)

among us new role called troll. In this troll mod you get three new abilities at the bottom of the screen.

First ability, swap the tasks. Players can randomly swap the task anytime. Which means you can randomize any task on the map.

Second one is placing fake bodies which means that people can find them report them and then realize that they were fake.

Third one is placing the fake vents if imposter tries to get into one of these vents they explode.

This guys make these amazing among us mod. If you have any amazing idea about among us mod he will make it for you. Just tell him about the idea.

it is so fun playing this game with this mode where you troll your payers. You have no idea how amazing this is. Players are reporting each other for dead bodies in the game later realizing they were fake body. Even people who are reporting see their dead bodies in the match, how hilarious is that

Among Us Mod

These youtubers getting the most from this among us new mod. Try this with your friends and have fun. i will be updating you about new among us mod every day.

Or when they arrive, happy gaming till then. List of other mods not sure if these are mods or pure hacked ones have a look here.


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