Xbox Series S Smallest Xbox Ever you See , xbox just updated a tweet where they mentioned about smallest xbox. They are launching their new series “”Project Scarlett”.

They announced their new series AT E3 in 2019. This one a  is a planned product of xbox family. They consoles are 4th gen. they are more powerful than you ever think.

They powerful gpu and processors. But They are introducing a new small version and they called it smallest Xbox ever.

They have not disclosed any thing yet. just a picture on their Twitter account . They said “Lets make it official” and more details will be announced soon.

Yet they mentioned its price,it will be $299.

Yes it will be full functional Xbox Series sconsole. They may not have digital games not cds.

Let’s make it official!  | Next-gen performance is the smallest one. $299 (ERP). Looking forward to sharing more! Soon. Promise.

although its design is sick. i really like the design of new smallest of xbox series s ever. Lets see what feature they have put in it.

Maybe this thing run this on 4k. and other cool features.This looks way better than xbox1. let me know in the comments if you like new design of this xbox series s console.

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