Opera GX Gaming Browser, bye bye Chrome. Big companies were gathered at E3 to announce their upcoming lined up games, products and consoles. Opera showed up at E3, they introduced their new Gaming browser. This time these were not the only things, some cameos were also there, one of our favorites ‘JOHN WICK’ Keanu Reeves were there for his appearance in Cyberpunk 2077.

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As we told opera was also there, and they revealed their new gaming Browser. Its name is Opera GX. Only gaming browser, we know. This browser is made for gamers by keeping their needs in mind. Like Chrome, Ram in not in danger anymore. This browser comes with some useful features, Gamers and non-gamers both will love this.

Opera GX

Browsers, these days are just big foes of machine resources. Opera is the only browser that comes with Built in RAM and CPU Limiter. Everyone knows what is a built in RAM, it means browser will user its own resource without putting burden on your CPU. This thing will affect the performance of your system, Whereas CPU limiter is useful thing, for example: if we are running Chrome, go to task manager and see its usage, your CPU will be asking for mercy for how much this thing puts burden on the system. CPU limiter helps you to reduce task those are putting processor on 100% use and making it smother for your pc.

I always shut down Chrome when playing games, because of its enough usage of RAM. That things miserably effect the performance of my system. So, this is where CPU limiter are useful, you can play your game without worrying about browser effect on your performance.


Opera GX Twitch Integration

The only Gaming browser added a more useful thing for gamers, it is Twitch integration. Twitch is a gaming website where gamers play games and broadcast/ Stream them. People can watch them as they stream, add favorite, can follow them and get notifications when their Favorite Streamer streams any game. Opera GX will soon add a floating window where you can see tutorials while playing games.

built-in ad blocker

This browser has everything we need.is there anything they missed, well No! They added an AD-Blocker and a VPN. As a gamer seeing ads while watching a stream or playing game or even watching videos, is so irritating. So, this thing is helping gamers in so many ways. VPN added so you can send and receive data more securely over Public Network. Features for Facebook Messenger, Telegram and for WhatsApp are also added.

And no gaming browser would be complete without the ability to easily customize everything from colors to themes and wallpapers.


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