PUBG 4v4 DeathMatch: Pubg new update and new features . Yesterday PUBG pushed their new update with a lot of new features. These features include new death match, Godzilla theme, vikendi new feature, Merit for friendly firing and more. New update for android has a size of 1.98 GB and iOS has the size of 2.45 GB. Update it today if you have not updated it before and enjoy the new mode with your squad.

4v4 Deathmatch

PUBG introduced 4v4 Deathmatch in their latest update and that is kind of fun. How 4v4 Deathmatch mode works is the next question. Two squad will spawn to a small area, Kill the enemies to get points. These points will add up to your score board, who ever reached to 40 points first will win the game. When you kill an enemy, you will get a point.When someone killed you player he will respawn with out any delay. New mode is fun but also has some issues.

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New FPP controls and Merit

Now you can set FPP and TPP controls separately. This is a great thing for players who love to play in both modes. If someone killed you accidentally, you can decide whether he should lose his merit or not.

Crew Challenge Update

A lot of changes happen in Crew Challenge. 5 qualification matches were held each day previously, now it changes to 6. previously every squad can participate in 2 matches each day now, they can participate in 3 matches. every squad could participate in 12 matches  and now they can participate in 18 matches for qualification. A notification will sent before 10 minutes before the match starts to every player who has registered for the crew challenge. Crew shops now have new items.

Zombie Mode Updates

Some new zombies and their attack types are updated, also Survive till dawn and darkest night are modified. New zombies are added, and they replaced the old ones.

Enjoy PUBG 4v4 Deathmatch with Godzilla

New theme is added to PUBG mobile, Godzilla has partnered with PUBG for their new movie Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. A lot of new costumes, skins, and more related to Godzilla has added to game along with new Godzilla theme. At the end we still want ti remind you that pubg 4v4 deathmatch is fun.


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