Best Fortnite Creative Map Codes – Week January 19 2021 , here are your most engaging creative games and best rising creative maps. You can play them  in the creative featured Hub!

Best Fortnite Creative Map Engaged

Rank Most Played Island Made By (SaC Code) Island Code
1 Clix Box Fights Pandvil 7620-0771-9529
2 3V3V3V3! GO GOATED (SLOW-MO ENABLED) S8ATN 2898-2169-2065
3 FinestYT’s Realistic (2v2 MatchMaking) FINESTYT 6570-5231-1418


1 ماب المَعرقينPRO 100 AWA 3424-1388-0947
2 Containment AceCreates 8751-3949-6922
3 Sniper One Shot (SNIPERS ONLY FFA) DUX 6103-8566-5742

1 Tumble Lads 3D Labs 5361-9496-2479
2 JDuth 100 Level Default Deathrun jduth96 2359-3574-9339
3 200 Level Default Deathrun FXXD1 8368-4039-3220

 Best Fortnite Creative Map Rising

Rank Most Played Island Made By (SaC Code) Island Code
1 FNCS Solo Finals Zone Wars QW3RT 2178-0232-8947
2 Zone Wars – The Danger Zone! Ritual 9566-4335-8151
3 Realistic 1v1 24 POI’S Dember 4297-0454-5013


1 Food Fight Tycoon BrendannnD 9557-8579-6544
2 Trash Confirmed Spankysully 7495-9226-4844
3 Push The Rarity Puzzler 1495-8912-6512


1 Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt EATYOUSHAY 0139-3586-5803
2 Fortnite Jailbreak Echo 6531-4403-0726
3 MINI DRIFT FatalFoo 2910-2478-7955


All of this data collected  from recent activities in game and for more information you can visit Epic Games.

Play fortnite games (creative hub) and  have fun. Click on the codes given in the table and they will lead you to the game info and instructions. Start a creative server in fortnite and approach the rift and then enter the code.

Clicking on the above codes will help you to understand the game if you have not played yet and will help you to enter the creative server.

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