Top Trending Games: Call of duty Mobile breaks all Records . This Game has biggest opening of all time. In its first week, Call of Duty Mobile is downloaded 100 Million times. If we talk about other biggest titles in mobile gaming then Mario kart tour had 90 million downloads in its first 7 days. Fortnite had 22.5 million downloads and PUBG was with 28 million downloads.

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Developed by Tencent TIMI studio in partnership with activision. Most of the downloads came from IOS where it was downloaded for 56.9 million times (55.7 percent of total). Downloads on android are 45.3 million it means 44.3 percent pf the of total. Most of downloads came from US where it is downloaded for total of 16.9 percent. India is little behind that with 13.4 percent of total and Brazil with 7 percent of total and on 3rd number.

Spending in game money

So call of duty also put other games in shame when it comes to in game purchase. During cod mobile first week , cod mobile brought 17.7 million in game spending and it makes $0.17 average gross revenue per download.

Revenue generated from Apple Store is $9.1 ( 53 percent of total) , $8.3 million gathered from google play store (android users) and its 43 percent of total. Players who spent most money on game are from U.S. they spent total  $7.6 million and that is 43.1 percent. After US japan is on 2nd number number and Brazil on 3rd number.

Whereas Fortnite generated 2.3 million in its first week of launch . PUBG was  not monetized for 2 months and after that it just generated $600,000.

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