PlayStation 5 – Madden NFL 23 amazon

PlayStation 5 - Madden NFL 23 amazon

PlayStation 5 – Madden NFL 23 amazon, Break off more huge plays thanks to the New 360° Cuts, which provide the ball carrier the flexibility and fluidity to target the holes they want to, plant-and-go, and avoid defenders.

PlayStation 5 - Madden NFL 23 amazon mortaltech
Drop dime passes anywhere on the field. Lead your receivers into free space, drop back-shoulder pitches into small gaps, and place every ball such that only your receiver can catch it.

Redefining defensive pursuit, new Hit Everything mechanics allow you to be more disruptive on defence. Create hit-stick devastation.

Gain the upper hand in 1-on-1 matches with the help of a variety of new wide receiver release movements and defensive back counter press mechanics.

Madden NFL 23 Info

Madden NFL 23 Description

The brand-new FieldSENSE Gameplay System is included in EA SPORTS Madden NFL 23 for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This system lays the groundwork for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay and gives players more control in every mode and at all positions.

With the use of novel user control techniques and animation branching technologies, FieldSENSE creates a fluid gaming flow with realistic consequences on every play.

Play your way into the history books in Face of the Franchise: The League.

where player-focused cameras bring you closer to the action and add to gameplay complexity by enabling you to dominate every snap, from anywhere on the field and new position-specific features are brought to life by FieldSENSE.

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