Playing PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile Effect Anything ? and the answer for this is a big No. This thing only wander in  our little minds that we should play pubg mobile instead of cod mobile. it may effect ourselves but not the company who made these games.

If we talk about the pubg mobile , it has broken some records , highest grossing game , game of the year and more. likewise cod mobile , it is doing pretty good. more then 100 million download in less than a week. top trending on apple play store.

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So tencent is the company behind these games and it really does not matter which game you play. Its a good thing someone is bringing console and PC titles to mobile. Mobile gaming is growing day by day. it is also adding great amount of money in the gaming industry revenue.

Personally i do not care which should i play or i should not. its just matter of interest. On the other hand  , if both major games are made by same company. Then having some liking towards any of these games benefit the company.

At the last   i would like to say , do not argue about the games. just play the games. both are fantastic games

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