How to Delete/Remove aow_drv.log file. If you are a gamer than i can understand this file raise anxiety in you. No matter how much you try but you cannot delete aow_drv.log.

This file is create by Tencent Gaming buddy. Yeah yeah you are pubg lover i know ! so i will tell you how you can delete this file and stop it for again appearing in your C drive.

Delete aow_drv.log file

Here are some commands you have to run if you want to delete this file

net stop aow_drv
del C:\aow_drv.log
mkdir C:\aow_drv.log
attrib +s +h C:\aow_drv.log
icacls C:\aow_drv.log /c /deny everyone:(f)

copy these commands one by or as whole and paste it in your cmd press  ( icon-windows + r  ) and type cmd and press enter. After that copy and paste these commands and press enter and you will get rid from this file. This will stop tencent from creating this file again. Let me know in comments if this thing helped you.

Actually they keep a record in log file how you are interacting with gaming buddy and gaming reports . if it crash or give any kind of error. Open log file as text file and you will find out what this file is contaning.



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