Indian boy killed his brother for PUBG. A15 year old boy killed his brother, who asked him to not play game on his mobile. After that  he got angry and he knocked his elder brother head to the wall and stabbed him several times.

More to that, police officer said he was stabbed with scissors. After that he took him to government hospital where they declared him dead

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A case has been registered under section 302 (Punishment for murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), said D’Souza. Few months back World Health Organization (who) declared gaming a mental disorder. On other hand excessive use of anything is dangerous whether its gaming or something else. Killing your own brother just for the sake of game is something we should fear. So, such kind of event can be stopped by giving them less and Propper time. We do not say, do not play games, we say there is limit for everything.We can prevent cases like Indian boy killed his brother for PUBG.

PUBG MOBILE (playerunknown’s battlegrounds) is an online royal battle game.Developed by tencent Corporation and Bluehole. Original, it was released for windows by steam and then they launched mobile version for android and Ios running devices.You can play as solo, duo and squad.



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