pubg ban in india - mortaltech
pubg ban in india - mortaltech

PUBG Ban in India can you unban it, famous  game Pubg Mobile is banned in India. Indian IT minister order to ban pubg mobile and 117 other famous apps linked to china.

Previously they put a ban on pubg mobile for several days but afterwards they lifted it. This was due to some shocking events like , a boy killed his brother for pubg.

This time they have no idea will they unban pubg india or will it stay forever.

China’s commerce ministry said on Thursday it strongly opposed India banning Chinese mobile apps

India’s technology ministry said  These “apps collect and share data in a surreptitious manner and compromise personal data and information of users that can have a severe threat to the security of the state,” in short pubg ban in india is good for security reasons?

PUBG mobile is a smash it in India and it is ranked in number 1 in over all countries for 175 million downloads.

“The app bans not only give a negative signal to Chinese firms and investors already in India, but even those waiting for a favorable climate to invest in India may now back off now,” said Atul Pandey,

PUBG Ban in India can you Unban it with proxy ? yes you can unban it, but the experience will not the same. You may get ban due to using third party app to access pubg mobile.

players like dynamo, mortaL are domed, lets see what happen now with them. Will they switch to new Game or will they move to china ?



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